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The world was ending
For generations, the planet's resources have been depleted
Forests cut down, oceans polluted
Entire ecosystems disfigured and neglected

One option remains
A team must be assemblef to venture out past the stars
They will harness the power
of Space Thunder

Come in soldiers of the stratosphere!
The goal of your mission is very clear:

Defeat is not an option!
(Will-Co! Roger!)
Death is not a choice!
(We hear you loud and clear!)
Every minute that you delay
(Falling, Falling)
We lose an hour to the void
(Satellites come crashing down,
We find destruction all around,
We need the thunder,
Need the sound!)

We awoke the constellations
(High above us)
The stellar reinforcements
(Shooting star, Cannonball!)
We rode out past Andromeda
(Light years! Light years!)
Let Orion show the way!

(Through the fault at blinding speeds
Strange and foreign galaxies
We hoped to hope that we'd succeed)

Your head will split,
Your heart will quake
And vertigo lines your grave
You'll doubt your strength and your resolve
But you'll never be a slave to stars!

Come in soldiers!
The time to act is near!
Gather all your courage,
and abandon fear!

We left the pull of gravity
(Soaring, Soaring)
The smog and man's depravity
(Soaring through the clouds)
This tankard's just a relic
(Ancient ages)
Of our ruined distant home

(Hoping that there's something left
We promised that we'd do our best
We gave ourselves to save the rest)

Our heads will split
Our heart's will quake!
And vertigo lines our graves!
This terror shakes our resolve
But we are no slave to stars!

Cracks of thunder beat the ship!
Send the men to the abyss!
Grab hold to the closest beam,
Pray this cursed raft will keep!

Captain's bleeding from the ears!
Crew's a weak exhausted mess!
But the tankard's nearly full!
Home to Earth,
Now back to life!

Though the crew suffered grave losses,
The cosmic force of Space Thunder
Was successfully integrated into the earth-core
For years mankind will struggle in unlocking it's secrets
And mastering it's powers
But for now,
Mankind can step away from the cusp of armageddon,
And fall safely into the arms
of Eternity


from To the Sea​.​.​., released January 12, 2015



all rights reserved


You Remind Me of Space Thunder Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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